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Welcome to the On-Line Global Sea Floor Topography Map Server. Here you can make your own bathymetric maps, in Mercator projection, starting from version 8.2 of the digital bathymetric grid of the oceans compiled by Smith and Sandwell in 1997. This dataset was generated by combining depth soundings collected over the past 30 years with high resolution marine gravity information. High resolution land elevations were derived from the GTOPO30 30 arc-second global digital elevation model provided by the USGS EROS Data Center. However, the resulting grid has a lower resolution of 2-minute (1/30 deg/pixel) in longitude and a reduced latitude range (related to the Mercator projection, from 72.006N to 72.006S). If you need to generate high-resolution topographic maps of non-marine regions, please use the On-Line GTOPO30 Map Server.

Feel free to use these maps in research, publications, teaching and any other non-commercial context. Please read the On-Line Help before using the program.

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