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Marine Gravity Anomalies

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Welcome to the On-Line Marine Gravity Map Server. Here you can make your own gravity anomaly maps, edge-enhanced gravity maps, and gradient maps (surface slope) of gravity anomalies for the World's oceans. Maps are generated as PNG images in Mercator map projection, starting from version 9.1 of the gravity anomaly grid of Sandwell and Smith [1997]. Coastlines from the Global Self-consistant Hierarchical High-resolution Shorelines (GSHHS) dataset of Wessel and Smith [1996] are superimposed to the basic gravity data layer, but differently from the standard maps available through the SIO web server, land data are not masked. Feel free to use these maps in research, publications, teaching and any other non-commercial context. Please read the On-Line Help before using the program.

This Internet software is primarly oriented to plate tectonic applications. It allows the generation of maps that may be used in the study of deformation processes, transform fault detection, continent-ocean boundary detection. Access to the standard gravity maps of Sandwell and Smith is available on-line through the SIO web server.

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