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Welcome to the On-Line Plate Reconstruction Server. Here you can make your own reconstructions of the past configuration of the continents and oceans since Early Jurassic. Reconstructions are generated as 1000x500 PNG images in several map projections. Feel free to use these maps in research, publications, teaching and any other non-commercial context. Please read the On-Line Help before using the program.

The On-Line Plate Reconstruction Tool includes a web version of published algorithms, originally designed by A. Schettino for the plate tectonic modeling program P.C.M.E. (Paleo-Continental Map Editor). The kinematic model since Early Jurassic was developed by C.R. Scotese (University of Texas at Arlington) and A. Schettino (University of Camerino - Italy). This model was presented at the AGU Spring Meeting 2000 (see References) and is the basic kinematic model used to produce our Atlas of Plate Tectonic Reconstructions [Scotese and Schettino, in preparation]. A new method for generating Apparent Polar Wander Paths (APWPs) has been developed and used for the orientation of the reference continent (Central Africa) of these paleogeographic maps. This new approach to APWP construction is also used by the APWP generator of this web server and willl be published separately [Schettino and Scotese, in preparation].

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