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Global Paleomagnetic Database (Version 4.3)

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The Global Palaeomagnetic Data Base (GPMDB) was originally implemented using the Oracle DBMS (Jo Lock & Michael McElhinny, 1991). In August 1991, an early version (1.4) of the database was released through the NGDC World Data Center - A. Since that time, several other updates were disseminated in both UNIX and PC format. The latest version (4.3) was released in June 2002 and includes results for the period 1949-2002.

This new Internet version of the Global Paleomagnetic Database is primarly oriented to plate tectonic applications of paleomagnetic data, and allows direct access, single archive navigation, database navigation, queries and construction of standard or synthetic APWPs, paleolatitude and declination plots based upon our rotation model [Schettino and Scotese, 2004]. Hence, data access is restricted to those information that are relevant to plate tectonic modeling. Access to the standard version of the Global Paleomagnetic Database is available on-line through the Geological Survey of Norway web site.

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